1) You can respond to an existing idea by clicking “Respond to this Idea”, which posts your response to that discussion thread. 2) Click on “Create an Idea” on the bottom of the site index (on the left-hand side of the screen), or on your profile page. This will bring you to the idea creation page, where you can submit your idea as either a statement or question. a. Classify your idea. Is it a statement or question? b. Enter a brief description of what your idea is about. This will appear as text next to whatever media you upload. c. Does your idea address the meta or the physical (see below)? Pick a category and any subcategories to which your idea applies. d. Add any keywords that will help users find your idea. Separate them with commas. e. Pick a time period. It can be a specific date, decade, century, or present-day. f. Click next. g. Upload your video, slideshow (with or without sound), audio or text files. h. Click save. i. Wait for the rejoinders!