There seems little doubt, now, that the current administration deliberately lied to everyone to illegally declare war on Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians have since died as a direct result of this deliberate tapestry of deceit. No,  I wasn't foolish enough to vote for them, but I and many betrayed Americans want justice. Is there any circumstances that would force them to accept a judgement from an international court? Or are they forever protected from extradition because they "served" our country as President & Vice-President? Is there any way our nation itself could attempt to right these terrible wrongs? Perhaps I have already tried & convicted these two. Fact is, they had lots of co-conspirators. What about all our own soldiers who have died and continue to die in an unnecessary war. I know there are millions in my beloved country who feel as I do. I am proud to be an American, but ashamed of what this Presidency has done and continues to do. I feel absolutely Patriotic to be writing this!!