I here Mitt Romney talk about bringing the auto industry back to Michigan but I (as a true blue combat vet) would like to back Sen McCain's idea of expanding technology. Here is my question. Why can't the federal government give specific tax breaks for the "Big Three" to produce CO2 scrubbers at their closing plants to be sold (by mandate) to home owners and businesses at a small cost? And give reduced rate loans to employees that is used to educate former auto workers in the new technology? The benifits are: The Big three remain viable in a new global economy, The unemployment rate of Michigan and supporting locations is lessoned, the U.S. leads the global effort in green house gas emissions and I can fire up my 2007 Mustang GT without a great expense of guilt. How do we pay for it? We borrow the money in short term loans from the "stable" oil producers in the middle east with the understanding that they sell to us at $60-$75 a barrel until the loans are paid off or five-seven years (which ever comes first). We borrow huge sums of money from China anyway increase tarrifs on their imports. If we can get this underway on the scale of effort we acomplished during World War II our country can save our oil, slow our transition to bio-fuels and sell our Ford, GM, and Crysler scrubbers to China and India before they do it to us. Oh one last thing tell the oil companies that we are pulling military support in Africa if they do not open three more refineries here in the next 3 years. We can save the money from "Africa Command" Why can't we do this?