I’ve been ambivalent about the death penalty for a long time. However, since we’ve been involved in Iraq, I’ve recognized that throughout our history, we have gone to war to protect our freedom and liberty. So, as a nation, we believe freedom and liberty are more sacred than life itself. Conversely, the death penalty is based on the belief that death is the ultimate price a criminal can pay for his crime. So, the death penalty implicitly values life more than liberty. IMHO, these two positions are irreconcilable, leading me to conclude that because I believe that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice the lives of our soldiers to protect our freedom, I can not support the taking of life as the ultimate price for committing a crime. I've searched a lot of websites (pro and con the death penalty) and I haven't come across this particular perspective. Since I'm not a legal scholar, I've concluded that I must be missing something in this debate and I'm hoping you can illuminate me.