I probably don't need to spend much time introducing any of you to the fact that fundamentalist christians in America have been gaining an unsavory amount of political power over the last several years... that many of the most extreme members of this group are not a minority and happen to be quite radically conservative, standing in opposition to, well, everything a reasonable, humanistic, freedom loving American might hold dear - not that a significant number of policies an American of that sort might hold dear haven't already been compromised.

This fact has been mentioned before many times, and no matter how often I hear about it, or see it myself being a citizen here, I cannot help but shudder. It seems a very real thing to say America is being torn apart by forces, each from outside the centripetal sensibilities of true Americanism, perverting this ideal of a free, secular society.

When examining the central christian message, as opposed to all other forms the Judaic religion has twisted into, you find the belief of Jesus as messiah and his life and teachings to be the most prominent difference, right? His story, whether you believe it or not (and I don't) is one of self-sacrifice for the good of the people. He was, in the loosest sense we can say "was", a martyr who took his own life to save humanity according to the principles he believed in.

Freedom is not without it's martyrs. There have been many - very real, very tangible, very normal people with lives like our own - who have stood in defense of the tenets of our free society, given their lives for it at appallingly young ages. These very freedoms are considered disposable to the extreme conservative christian groups whose aims are to create what can only be described as a "christian" nation, non-secular, with 0% tolerance for homosexuals and any non-christian peoples living here.

Why is it that we allow them to continue flaunting the importance of their one martyr, a man whose existence has never been proved, and not stand to defend our own? The people who have served for our freedom, died for our freedom. There have been many, and have their deaths been for naught? How is the American christian's mind so able to ignore the unjust deaths of our soldiers, of freedom's martyrs?

I believe we really need to ask ourselves this, ask this of them, and to keep it in our minds anytime we are asked to give up any of the rights we now possess, whether we are asked by the ambitious christian, the corporation or the state.

Any thoughts or disagrements? (I originally posted this here, for those interested: http://www.discogs.com/groups/topic/152262)