Two thousands years ago, after both his own people and the Gentiles refused obedience to his Promise in sufficient numbers, God set a trap for highest of human pretensions and hubris with the Bible and other scriptural materials. He then stood back from human history. Not only is the bible incomplete, but is not a revelation and cannot be 'interpreted' by anyone without a revelation. Thus do dogma, doctrine and fundamentalism exist. That being said, the end times begin by the exposure of 2000 years of reasoned ignorance called theology and tradition, the measure of just how far humankind can stray from truth by the debasement of the human condition called the Stain of Orginal sin.

Exposed by the first living and testable proof of God for faith to exist in human history. the first ever viable religious conception capable of leading reason, by faith, to universal, observable consequences and direct evidence which can be tested and judged for its reality.

As Dante wrote:

For as I turned there greeted mine likewise
What all behold who contemplate aright
that's heaven's revolution through the skies. 

Already starting: