Some people believe that being born at a particular time of the day, or time of the year, or even a particular year, has an influence on their nature, or traits of their personality.

It is my theory that there is a cosmological effect on a person's traits. Depending on the time of birth, a person's body will be exposed to a particular area of the cosmos. The rotation of the planet, the orbit of the planet, and according to the Chinese a sixty year repetitive cycle.

The first cycle of the Chinese Horoscope started in the year 2637 B.C., we are now in the 78th, sixty year cycle which started Feb. 2, 1984, and will end in 2044. The Chinese break personality traits down into the year (12 animals), the element (5, changes every two years), and the time (2 hour segments that correspond with the 12 animals).

I'm not referring to daily horoscopes, with lucky numbers and whether to make an effort to talk to a stranger today and the such, I'm an referring to the signs and the traits people tend to exhibit when born under those signs.

Why do I think it has any relevance? It might be a way to understand one's nature, a way to understand and relate to other's natures, and it might even be a system which allows the human race to function for a infinite period without continual guidance.

I would like to discuss the possibilities and perhaps prove or discredit the idea using scientific methods. The problem lies in the fact that I am not very scientific. So some help is appreciated.

So I guess my theory is: being born at a particular time exposes a person to a particular part of the cosmos which in turn produces particular personality traits.