Dr. Chopra has been a teacher to me through his writings. I am in absolute agreement that love can be taught. By love, I refer to the concept of loving kindness espoused by Tibetan Buddhism and other thought traditions. I live my life by daily offering some personal form of the beautiful Hindu idea of "Namaste", loosely translated as "the devine in me recognizes the devine in you"; sometimes buying coffee and tea for those folks lined up behind me at a popular cafe, or giving a bookstore gift card to the cashier frantically working her register. The personal discipline guiding these gestures must be that there are no strings attached, no quid pro quo and are meant say to a fellow human being, "I appreciate you although I don’t know you. Please accept a small token of that appreciation given in humility." Sounds corny, perhaps IS corny, but it has been my daily practice going on several years. Now a cup of tea for free does not love decree, but it's a start.