Hello friends.

I am a newcomer and have a statement which is also a question...  I've noticed in the last five years of practicing Buddhism and studying Dharma that there isn't a lot said about death or the dying process.  That's the statement.

The question is: does anyone have any insight into why this might be so?  Also, if you've found something, would you be kind enough to let me know?  I find Buddhism most healing and am in the throes of a terminal illness.  But, as we know, there are many sources of wisdom and I'd appreciate anything (preferably audio) that addresses the process of dying/death or what might happen after we leave this earth.

I'm not looking for opinions so much as sources and responses will be appreciated and rewarded with karma.  Where do you think the ubiquitous saying "what goes around comes around" originated?  When you think of it, it's a strange saying, but not at all when considered within the context of karma.