Cracks may be starting to appear in the Freedom-Model being practised by America.

'The Right to Bear Arms' cannot be considerd for the common-good if a large proportion of the population is running scared, or prematurely deceased.

'The Right To Free Speech' is of little value if one needs to spend the life-savings on legal-fees to defend it.

The list goes on.  The point here is not to demonize freedom, but rather to suggest that limits need to be applied to prevent farcical-scenarios from playing out.  And once these limits are applied, the question then becomes one of degree, and whether or not a society can still be considered free AND democratic.  I note with interest, that George W. Bush has determined his enemies "hate freedom".  They may have good cause.

I have proposed in another place, that the ideal political-model could be the Benevolent-Dictatorship, if it was not for the fact that benevolence is a corruptible quality.

The paradox continues...

[ ED: I may have blurred the lines between FREEDOMS and RIGHTS in the above, but I believe the basic point is still a valid one. ]