BIGTHINK’s Person of the Year 2008 And Winner and Loser It is rather a bit of sorry and sad,  2008 is not yet finished, however history was made as the following: BIGTHINK’S Person of the year 2008, AMERICAN PEOPLE: Since 2000 election the Supreme Court of US assigned a President to us, American people’s suffering began. WE, American people were dubbed with WMD and went to Iraqi War with this Administration (the Latest ABS News of Dec 1, 2008 reported that President Bush- according to his own statement:” I was unprepared for wars!”).  In 2004 we were swift-boated by Karl Rove and his alliances. Mr. George W. Bush again came to our President. Under his two terns, WE, Americans have highest rate in foreclosure in history, tsunami battering economic and NO-BODY-KNOW-HOW-BIG DEFICIT that may affect several generations. And the pain fact is that, we are NOT smart enough to know that the RECESSION WAS ALREADY BEGUN ON DEC, 2007. IT IS ENOUGH! We the American People, is the Person of 2008.  Bigthink’s Winner of 2008: Without a doubt, Mr. Barack Obama. He needs no introduction. Bigthink’s Loser of 2008:  WE have two, the American People and  President Bush, No need to introduce too.  The above selections all are decided by this author, TAICHIZEN alone.