Does Big Think really culture the mixture of toughts and ideas?  Or, is it just a really clever way to make money?  Granted, we all need to make money.

As if my ideas being reduced to a mere "search result" weren't annoying enough, Big Think seems to have gotten even better at pandering to authors, politicians, and various industry moguls.  Their views are given the front page, VIP treatment, even if they're not necessarily well thought out or important.

I thought it was odd that I always see John McCain most often on the front page, until I saw the ad for his campaign as well.  I know he has a right be a sponsor, but doesn't that seem like a small conflict of interest?  You'll see John McCain ads on FOX News' commercial break slots, but it's not like they go beyond that and just report positive John McCain stories all day too?  Oh wait, they do.  I guess I just expect a little more integrity from the "independent" Internet (more than network news sad I know).

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I wish media these days was less in bed with corporate profit and government than it is.  Make a living sure, but make the truth.

Also, many responses you seem to get on Big Think are veiled invitations or promotions to the commentators website or other self-interest.  So much for debate for debates sake.  If only I had a few thousand dollars to donate, maybe Big Think would consider my views worth promoting.  Oh well...

Big Disappointment