I was just browsing through ideas and I see an advertisement for this website www.muslima.com it's "The Worlds Largest International Muslim Matrimonial Website".  Yet to get us in to a war the president tells the individuals of America that most muslims are terrorists and we have to stop them now.  But he goes behind our backs and talks to his VP Dick Cheney about how this war will help Haliburton, and how much oil profits they will get.  You see what I've been trying to say about how all a political or religious figure has to say is that something is wrong with them and their "fanatical" religious ways and the masses of people get scared, while the smart and clever people think dollar signs and more power.

So why do we really care so much about what everyone else believes in?  Is it for better understanding of another individual?  Because to me that's not better understanding of that individual because mainstream religions have incorporated spiritual beliefs and franchised them out.  Of course some of the faithful in these mainstream religions do take a lot of personal consideration in to every piece of the bible and I believe that's nice.

Or do we care about what they believe in so we can try and convert them in to our corporation?

By "our" I was talking as if I were a person belonging to a mainstream religion, remember I don't want to label myself ;)