Out of the 59 listed organized religious sub cultures, all have different beliefs and all of them ‘believe’ they had the correct interpretation when they were developed . * 1 Asia o 1.1 Ainu o 1.2 Hmong o 1.3 Korea o 1.4 Mansi o 1.5 Mongol o 1.6 Orok o 1.7 Shinto o 1.8 Taoism o 1.9 Zen * 2 Africa o 2.1 Bakuba o 2.2 Maasai o 2.3 Man Dinka o 2.4 Voodoo o 2.5 Yoruba o 2.6 Zulu * 3 Europe o 3.1 Finnish o 3.2 Greek (Classical) o 3.3 Norse * 4 India o 4.1 Buddhist o 4.2 Hindu o 4.3 Jainism o 4.4 Sikh o 4.5 Seurat Shabda Yoga * 5 Pacific o 5.1 Australian Aboriginal o 5.2 Polynesian o 5.3 Hawaiian o 5.4 Maori o 5.5 Tagalog * 6 Middle East o 6.1 Babylonian o 6.2 Bahá'í o 6.3 Egyptian o 6.4 Hermeticism o 6.5 Islam o 6.6 Judaism and Christianity o 6.7 Mandaeism o 68 Zoroastrianism * 7 North America o 7.1 Kiowa Apache o 7.2 Aztec o 7.3 Cherokee o 7.4 Choctaw o 7.5 Creek o 7.6 Digueno o 7.7 Hopi o 7.8 Inuit o 7.9 Iroquois o 7.10 Lakota o 7.11 Maidu o 7.12 Navajo o 7.13 Ojibwa o 7.14 Seminole o 7.15 Tlingit * 8 South America o 8.1 Inca o 8.2 Mayan * 9 Modern o 9.1 Evolutionary Spirituality o 9.2 Mormonism o 9.3 Raëlism o 9.4 Randomness o 9.5 Scientology o 9.6 Wicca Myths don’t change because they convey a message, usually about morality. Science changes as more evidence is discovered. It doesn’t convey a moral message but explains the workings of the world, may it be the body, or the Earth itself.. slowly.... but overall Science is faster to accept,... ’..the written word doesn’t codify all axioms of perception.’ - SPJr "In 1996, Pope John Paul declared evolution "more than a hypothesis," and in 2004 as Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict endorsed the scientific view that the earth is roughly four billion years old and that species changed through evolution. Indeed, there has been no credible scientific challenge to the idea that evolution, the foundation of modern biology, explains the diversity of life on earth. Given that history, scientists and church experts say they cannot imagine the study session ending with any alignment of the pope or the church with intelligent design or American-style creationism, which often posits that Earth is only about 6,000 years old. " By IAN FISHER Published: September 2, 2006 There are many different interpretations of belief and faith ; often used as synonyms, but faith is a system of beliefs . The following is just an opinion , because I have given this some thought Modern man can be physically (archeology) traced back 160,000 years. Meanwhile , civilization developed along side him . All the first sciences ; architecture, political science, agriculture , metallurgy.. are the cornerstones of any true civilization ; developed independent of organized religion (having ‘faith’ in a higher power) Religions have changed many times, over years . As well as the concept of "god" and things people place a higher value on or worship have evolved . With one constant; looking toward the unknown( the abstract) and things outside themselves which developed mysticism to improve the inner self for the 'journey into the unknown'. There are great mysteries hidden in the very ancient past going back to Atlantis and ancient Egypt. People have figured out that the 3 pyramids at Giza correspond in relative size and position to the 3 stars in the belt of Orion as these stars appeared over Egypt in 10,500 BC, thus giving the date of construction of these wonders of the world. The time period around 10,500 BC is the 'zero time' for ancient Egypt I think. The pyramid of Kukulcan predicts the new age that you speak of. It has four sides with 91 steps each which makes 364 and then the top makes 365. On the solstaces the sun forms a shadow out of the steps of the pyramid to form the body of a snake and then the head of the snake is depicted in stone at the bottom. Every year many thousands of people visit the pyramid to witness this strange event. It appears now that these mysterious monuments have some sort of relationship with the positions of various constellations and stars over a very long time frame like 25,000 years. The constellations of Orion and the Pleiades have some sort of mystical relationship to our human race but I don't know what it is. According to mythology one interpretation is the Pleiades is Aphroditie's golden girdle which no mortal can resist. Supposedly Atlantis lasted for many thousands if not millions of years. This amount of time is incomprehensible to our modern world which seems to be constantly bordering on the brink of collapse from one day to the next. I believe in the 2012 date. I think something is going to happen when that strange astronomical alignment occurs. We are living in a very unique time. In five short years we will reach the end of the "Platonic Year" as our solar system finishes its 25,800 year journey through the 12 signs of the zodiac. Throughout history religions have adapted to the changing times . Heck today there are 500 varieties of Christian religions , Baptist, Mormon , evangelist, protestant .... The definition of their "god" has also evolved from the old testament "man god" in the new testament and the assimilation of the pagan deities with the emergence of the saints . Over the millennia their interpretation of mysticism has been fluid and adaptable . From the African stereotypes primitivism , violence , sexual excess , savagery ) to the Asian stereotype ( passive obedience , mind control , brainwashing, slavish submission ) All in a attempt to curb that 'free will.'Makes for a highly pliable "tool". " Blind faith ," is a very powerful " tool " used by the "journeymen or elders" of society. The young hold tight to the idea of maturity and are engrossed in routine and ritual during their most influential of years . Conditioned to rely on the patterns of the past . Only look toward ones "wallets" or "mysticism" as a path forward ? Omitting the sound foundation of the scientific methodology in social or political science's ; outside of mathematics , language skills and personal gain I am under the impression that 'blind faith' (x), religion (y), war (1)..... are tools .What would one wish to create with these tools? [x-1-y] , cyclical 'holy war' is the amalgamation throughout history. Cultural Contention is an integral creation of religion almost as much as faith is in life . Religion will never relinquish the reins of social power willingly .They are willing to adjust and adapt to the changes of the political world to keep hold of those reins but never to relinquish control. Creating a clear point at which its dogma becomes dogmatic and no longer is a passive activity filled with highly pliable , devoted ...'vessels'. Over time it makes for a highly dogmatic , aggressive and malleable society . Willing to place, never to question; their ‘faith’ in the long dead, looking to the greats of the past; Instead of turning around and looking within themselves , toward the future The term ‘god’ seams more of an observation of ones connection to that which one deems mystical, but according to which standards ? Or should I say , who‘s standard ? There is evidence in most cultures that the concept of "god" and things people place a higher value on or worship have evolved in modern man, along side our understanding of death . For example in China the evidence can be traced back to the 14 century BC ; ancient south Americans produced mummy’s as early as 7,800 BC... With one constant; looking toward answers to the unknown . "There is, is evidence that there was a fear/concern for what happens after they died, how the mind rationalized the unknown: one example would be ;the dead were covered in red , to symbolize the blood shed at birth and in fetal positions". Taken from paper in , Current Anthropology By Bradd Shore , a cognitive anthropologist With the modern understanding of the way the brain works and the cyclical nature of energy ,it seams as if we are no closer to understanding death than we were 44,000 years ago . The more time I take on this , the more I feel as if at death , we simply resonate at the same frequency as the rest of existence: but to retain such a low frequency... Tibetan monks would eat nuts and tree bark before death in order to preserve the body after physical death and achieved self mummification ;combined with morphic resonance and other types of mental disciplines which have been proven to change an individuals mental frequency (prayer) : Is a 'conscious death' possible? 'Conscious death' would imply a 'conscious life' , should understanding 'common realities' be a pre requisite to achieving a 'conscious life'? What type of reality , the various digital dimensions of man , electromagnetic fields or the subjective consciousness in which you chose what to believe’ in to secure your 'faith?' There is also statuary that predates the written word but nothing denoting interpretation or perception. Modern man existed for about 150,000 years outside of organized religion and the concept of a single,"god". Statuettes were sometime found at early burial sites and there have been speculations made that the figures were some type of ‘god’ figure ; but since the written word can only be traced no further back than 5,500 years ago to any ancient true alphabet : any connection to a deity prior to such a date is just that , speculation . mystic = symbolic ,nonrational , emblematic , arcane , transcendental - oxford thesaurus , 2001 When one becomes surrounded by people that try to use mysticism to define their reality and Yours : the arrogance and ignorance of the 'mystical masses' becomes quite offensive ; when I am refereed to as 'not having faith or a non-believer' . Self improvement, belief and faith aren't dependent on mysticism; they are dependent on psychology .Religion is the worlds oldest form of psychology; I say this because religion use's clear psychological perspectives in their doctrine; ‘It’ could not survive without altering an others perspective to fit the ‘church doctrine’ (psychology) The first time in history Now this is a personal opinion, Jesus and other ‘Prophets’ were the worlds first true psychologist; IMO. But it is up to the individual to understand that any true ‘subjective understanding’ begins and ends with they’re ‘willingness to recognize’ the true extent of ones natural ability to interpret any given situation. I agree that ‘free will’ to interpret is curbed to fit each particular religious paradigm. Yes it is a personal journey and that I can respect ; I travel it myself . In a time when people are actively seeking to kill or isolate non -believers ; mysticism no longer is a personal issue when it threatens lives and the way the masses interpret reality . Faith is a very abstract term. It doesn’t supercede the reality of historic development and interdependency of scientific conclusions ; in fact little can be accomplished without faith , even in science .Faith that cup of coffee will be there... Faith in each other ( the tangible) , I tend to think it has more importance. The written word is the capture of the thoughts of Humanity ,not some invisible..;words don’t depend on anyone ‘believing’ in them, other than the context in which they are presented; or a need to develop a ‘faith’ that it represents a specific idea ....what it is. Words like faith and god , are the work of humanity and bound to man’s limited ,speculative conception of objective reality. This is all just one mans opinion but, what if lives’ true form was simply thought . All life displays it , man is obsessed with it . Thought, is the only true form of Humanity,(by simply sharing..doubt is beneficial; individual to individual)....that may become immortal . Thank you for letting me bend your ear and da name is , nu