One of the books the Protestant Reformers threw out was The Book of Wisodm. 

Some say it was because it was 'too Jewish' but I say it was too FEMININE!


 From WISDOM 7:22-8:1:

In Wisdom is a spirit intelligent, holy, unique.

Manifold, subtle, agile, clear, unstained, certain.

Not baneful, but loving the good,

Keen, unhampered, beneficent, kind,

Firm, secure, all-powerful, all-seeing

And pervading all spirits.

Wisdom is mobile beyond all motion and SHE penetrates and pervades all things by reason

SHE is the aura of the might of God and a pure effusion of the glory of The Almighty

SHE is the refulgence of eternal Light, a spotless mirror of the power of God

And SHE who is one, can do all things and renews everything

And passing into holy souls from age to age,

SHE produces friends of God and prophets.

WISDOM has built her house and SHE calls to all; "Come, eat my food and drink my wine and you will live abundant life and walk in the ways of understanding." [Proverbs 9: 4-6]

Wisdom calls; "I have built it; will you come? Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear?

Holy Wisdom, the Feminine Divinity: Hokema,

Who was with The Word from the very beginning,

She is One with Him and He with Her;

Pure Being; One God;

One Creator; One Lover of All the Human Family...

Let me tell a little story to illuminate you, if you haven't heard the one about the Rabbi Hillel,

Who lived 100 years before Christ walked the earth

Rabbi Hillel knew that the Hebrew understanding of Hokema;

Holy Wisdom;

The Feminine Divinity

Was the same as the Greek understanding of

The Logos:

The Word.

It was the first Paul and John who first understood:

The Word was good and

The Word was

The Logos

The Word is The Christ.

It was John on Rubber Soul who intuitively knew:

"The Word is just The Way and The Word is Love"

Listen to me +

Use your imagination,

For as William Blake understood:


Before Christ walked the earth a man,

He was already a SHE:

Hokema, Holy Wisdom; the Feminine Divinity

Now, isn't that Good News?

The God Head is One Pure Being;

as much male as female

as much mommy as daddy.

And we are all children of Her Universe;

And **He is the oldest personality because He is the origin of everything;

and everything is born of Him.

He is the supreme controller of the universe,

the maintainer and instructor of humanity.

He is smaller than the smallest.[**Bhagavad-Gita]

He indwells the heart of every atom and

She is beyond the Universe.

Wisdom is calling,

She is rattling your windows and shaking your walls

With some more good news of the

three witnesses,

and three always beats one

and not just that,

I've got a fourth.

Get out your Good Book sisters and brothers and chew on this;

Matthew 12:31-32, Mark 3:28-29, and Luke 12:10

are simpatico with gnostic Thomas saying 44:

'Jesus said: "Whoever blasphemes against the father will be forgiven, whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven either on earth or in heaven."

Listen to me, God is within every sister, brother and all Creation,

Wake up to your own divinity and

Get a clue Christian:

His ways are not your ways and Her thoughts are not your thoughts

Dominion never meant to rape and plunder,

but to nurture, care and love

And if you have not love, you have nothing at all

And on that final day we all will stand naked before The Creator

And we have been warned that there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth

by those who were so sure they were in, because they are the ones left out.

WAKE UP Christian!

Hear the wind begin to howl.