i am new to this big think thing,but for the passed couple of days i have read, posted a few comments, and posted an idea. i think that is in keeping with the idea behind this whole thing.but my comments have been met with little more than a few people of faith, with the exception of 1, simply telling me to shut up, or saying "your wrong" without bothering to explane why. statements by other atheists that i have read were delt with the same way. so is this an exchange of ideas or another pplatform to preach from? you are free to post: "the earth is only 6000 years old!" just as i am free to post "the earth is much older than 6000 years!" now if i post a comment to your idea and say "your wrong." i will explain my position, perhaps by sight atomic dating or some far reaching government study who knows, but right or wrong whats the point of just saying shut up? (i use the 6000 year bit as an example insert your favorite faith based position)