Archbishop Murphy-O'Connor recently said athiests and secularists were 'not fully human'. He's followed this bigotted tripe with another swipe during the ceremony to welcome the new Archbishop Of Westminster.

'What is most crucial is the prayer that we express every day in the Our Father, when we say, deliver us from evil. The evil we ask to be delivered from is not essentially the evil of sin, though that is clear, but in the mind of Jesus, it is more importantly a loss of faith. For Jesus, the inability to believe in God and to live by faith is the greatest of evils.'

Tolerance? If and atheist were to vilify the religious in this way in some countries we'd be locked up.

Interesting how he claims to know the mind of Jesus so intimately. Seems the ruminations of a quasi-mythical dead 2000 year old  guy are clear on unbelievers but silent on child abusers?