My grandmother recently died after battling cancer, she was 82 years old. In her last year she grew weaker and weaker, and lost the spark that I remembered in her. Seeing her suffer knowing that she was in her last days made me think about my future as an old man if, hopefully, I get there. I realized I would have supported the idea of assisted suicide if she wanted. If you are satisfied with your life, I think it's a perfectly reasonable way of dying, a very smart and logical way, even. It allows you to leave prepared, and it prepares everybody else as well. I think the way people grasp life until their last breath is unnecesary, but understand that it probably comes from fear of the unknown. I hope as an old man I get to the point where my mind can understand the fact that I will dye, and hopefully assisted suicide be an option in my country. I certainly don't want my loved ones to have a sick and spark-less image of me as their last memory, in my mind, it's simply not necessary. What do you think?