Religion has been an everyday reality for thousands of years. Only in the last couple of hundred, and certainly more outspokenly in the last 50, has the idea of divine "disinspiration" been seriously considered. The question is deceptively simple: are we capable of living without religion? But it's an incredibly loaded question as well. It questions our entire history. It questions billions of people's faith. Most importantly, it questions our humanity. Because while it may seem to undermine people's beliefs in divine, external power, it also uplifts the seldom credited human, internal power. The faithful often point to the charity, kindness, forgiveness, and brotherhood found in the books and history of their religion. But are those universally good things really the product of religion, or are they simply strengths that can be found universally in all men and women? I invite you all into discussion of this fascinating topic. I ask you to speak your mind without flaming others or their beliefs.