Yesterday i had an urge to watch a dystopian film. So i googled dystopian films and it prought up a wikipedia page with films commonly considered dystopian. One of the films was Fight Club, i have been wanting to watch it for wuite some time but never have. So i download it and as im watching it something hit me, the film takes place in modern times, and it is considered dystopian. And yes loking at our world from that perspective it does seem like something out of a novel about society gone ary.

And i asked myself is the dystopia that the science fiction writers predicted already here.

But i also caught myself thinking, is it only a matter of perspective? To people from the 1800s the 1950 would have seemed  overcomercialized and inhuman, and we most likeley be frightend if we got a glimpse of the world in 2100. How ever i think we are the first generation to see our own society as a dystopia so maby ther is something to this.