Are traditional methods of content distribution dead? The greed from production companies has pissed of consumers (aka why internet piracy has become such a problem) and now you've seriously pissed off writers... how long until you piss off everybody else who is involved in the creative process? What would happen if everyone in the entertainment industry striked? Would we be stuck with re-runs indefinitely? Maybe production companies need to realise that they just can't make the entirely excessive and exorbitant profits that they used to in the past. There is far too much content out there right now, and it's not just movies. Videogames have stolen a great deal of the movie companies profits.. How far are we away from seeing a bunch of experienced creative guys from industry branching out onto there own to create their own internet production company and selling there work via the internet at a 10th of the standard price, but still manage to make more money than they are now?