I want to believe in Barack Obama but I'm having a hard time.  I'm having a hard time believing in any democratic presidential candidate. 

Why are we talking about health insurance for everyone?  We should be talking about health care for everyone.  Insurance is overhead, all very expensive overhead which serves no purpose except to restrict care.  And don't tell me that the government can't run an industry.  Of course it can.  It runs the best military in the world.

"Yes we can!"  I loved Barack's speech in New Hampshire.  But as I listened to the reptition of "yes we can," I couldn't help but think 'except for me.'  Barack wrote off equal rights for gay and lesbians before he started.  I understand this as a political consideration.  His explanation on the King show was that America was not ready.  Right after a celebration about the elimination of Jim Crow laws.  I could accept this if it weren't that Barack is running on a campaign of change and highest principles.

I have lost faith in our democracy's structure to prevent the overrunning of democratic principles by unfettered capitalism. Is their any leader today that can really rally the strength and courage of Americans and truly make a change?