The lime light has turned from the Dalai during the Olympic Torch marathon to the victims of China's earthquake. I watched with interest to see what HH would do. Well, he did say he was organizing a prayer ceremony and would have talks on what to do, and I hear some Tibetans in exile expressed the desire to send aid. For a religion of kindness it didn't seem especially effusive on compassionate action. Compassion has to be more than a meditative passive state of awareness of others.

Then to make things worse that silly Sharon Stone pouted about how the Chinese were mean to her friend the Dalai, and that maybe the earthquake was karmic revenge.

And so the religion of kindness, linked to a belief in Karma, has shown its underbelly. Karma is an offensive superstitious doctrine; that it shoud be invoked at the expense of the suffering of countless thousands is utterly inhumane. Naturally SS was corrected in this media blunder by HH.

The reality of Tibet's past is chilling. The communists liberated the Tibetans from a theocratic despotism whereby 90% of the population were subjected to slavery or serfdom, coerced by the threat of mutilation, amputation and torture by buddhist monks. The chinese built hospitals, schools, infrastructure and redistributed the land from the religious elite to the peasants.

I await your New Age outrage!