Anyone that has been to Nova Scotia will always go home thinking how great, kind, generous, an hospitable  the people in Nova Scoita were.  Nova Scotian's are known for this around the world.  They are also known to be drinkers too...but I think that comes with being layed back...but one prob. are they too layed back? Nova Scotians tend to except things with the attitude of oh well thats they way it is...They are the highest taxed province in canada, with the highest gas prices, insurance cost, lowest minimum wage. But yet do not stand up as a people against the government or big industry.  being a nova scotian all my life I understand the way we are but it is def. frustrating that are population in this provice is not large enouph to make a real dif. in government policy..  I  know that Nova Scotians might be kind people ...but if this gas prob. and min wage prob.. gets any worse that we are all crazy enouph to take matters into our own hands...and I think Newfoundlanders will stand by us too. we also have a get it frigg'in done attitude as well when it comes down to family survival.