Have we reached the point in our society where we are all mindless demagogues simply spewing the drivel handed to us by either, respectively, anarchists or neofascists?  If not, then can we move generally to the point that someone can be fundamentally flawed and wrong on many things, and yet right on others?  Whatever anyone thinks about Iraq, the war or terror, and a whole range of issues and problems with American foreign policy, why can't we all acknowledge that a tremendous amount of good is being done in HIV/AIDS work by the U.S. today? 

It is a tremendous accomplishment that hundreds of thousands of people have had their lives saved by effective, targeted assistance that may yet introduce fundamentally good changes into assistance programs around the world.  If you don't know, or don't agree, do the research, be honest with yourself, and look into what is really happening on the ground in many African (and Asian and Caribbean) countries -- lives are being saved.