I would like everyone to look at our species religious believes all together. where in every civilizations culture religion is present. all of them explaining the unknown (think of christianitys after life and greeks everything). who is to say any of them are right? mayb it is just a product of our thought conjuring mind that can make a huge impact of the things we do and the way we live unlike the lesser species on this planet try to understand what we do not. i think the only reason christianity,buddism,hinduism, and everything eles i dont think humans can live with the fact that we die just like everything eles on this planet and we are just dead, just like every other creature in this entire reality.           I think one possibilty that a human after life may b is thought your brains manifestation of an after life. so if your image of an after life is going to heaven and living with ur famility or whatever it is, is your afterlife. thats all give me some feed back.    - Joseph Bute