According to physics, all elementary particles collapse and reappear, including the ones that 'choose' to remain as me, if this is correct, does that mean, I can be wrong or right only half the time, because I, myself, am only here half of my life?

If I am a series of pictures of myself through the passage of time, what am I when I am not the picture? Potential?


Is this the interaction between the nonphysical and the physical? The space and time between the collapse and the reappearance of elementary particles?

Is the time equal between a particle in potential and a particle in physicality?

Sorry, that is a bit more than just one question.


And btw, I will apologize a second time if I was offense or abusive, I know I can be, and as usually, I am oblivious to the incident unless I am reminded. It is a chemical defect in this particular 'meat machine'.