Today I come back to school again and I can meet my friends again. Even though we meet last week but I still want to meet them too. I like to stay with my friends together and so we can chat what we like the things. I meet my friends again so we are very happy and we talk about our loves the game together. We sat that we are often attracted by the 2moons dil in the game; we both like to play the game very much. I want to tell my friends that now I still play the game too, I always want to play the game every day after my work. Today we meet again and now we are chatting the 2moons gold, we say that during our school time we often went to play the game day by day, and we did not want to go to have class too. We like the game very much and now the game has impressed on our mind. We do not want to give up the game, we get together again. We come back to the school and we are very happy because we can come back to the school time and we remember the meaningful things that happened in the school. We all want to still stay in the school and so we can enjoy our school time again. We can go to earn the 2moon dil in the game together again and enjoy the happiness together again. We want to we can stay with together again. We want to play the game so we go to play the game, when we enter into the game we see that the game has changed and it becomes beautiful. We find that there is no enough money so we go to buy 2moons dil together and then we go to buy some weapons and equipment to arm ourselves. After that we start to play the game, we feel that it is still very interesting and we enjoy ourselves in the game. We play the game for some time and then we know some friends too, they give us some cheap 2moons gold as the gifts. We become strong and we can go to kill the monsters again, we like to play with our friends who we know in the game. They are very friendly and kind, we love them.

So I like to come back school because we can play the game with many friends and I feel very happy when I play the game, I can forget my sadness in the game.