I was a 2moons fan, maybe I played the 2moons already had one year, in this year, I had much happy the same had much sad, play the together to with the friends, together PK or buy 2Moons dil, this feel was very good.

The first time to play the 2moons at the 2005 year, at that time I just left the WOW, in an accidental chance, in the internet I found the 2moons than I download the client and registered an account than began my 2moons trip. Enter the game, I was attracted by the 2moons screen, I think that the 2moons in the online game was the best, whether the beautiful screen or upgrade, I deep love the 2moons. In the game I made many friends, we together struggle, work together, but had a unfortunately thing, when my account had more than 70 levels, my account was pilfered, more than 20 days effort almost went to waste, except the levels, I had nothing, I was very sad, I did not know I can still insist on, at this time, my corps brothers and sisters gave me a big help, they gave me much 2Moons dil, I really very affect, sitting in front of the computer, see they encouraging words, at that moment, I told myself, would never let anyone bully my brothers and sisters.

I resigned from work, in my mind I only want to upgrade and earn the cheap 2Moons dil, in order to this game, I forgot the sleep and eat, only know upgrade, one mouths effort, I went to the 87 levels, then I was shocked, I really could not think that one mouth can upgrade to the 87 levels, maybe because the 2Moons gold, because in order to upgrade quickly I bought many 2Moons money, left the friends had already had one mouths, I was very miss them, so I decided to return the embrace of the organization, than gave them a surprise, I thought that when they saw me they will very happy, we again together to play, my friends were very happy, before they think that I will left the game and did not play the 2moons again, they were very sad, but when they saw me, they were very happy, I found that more strange players, I think that at this mouth, maybe happened many things, more and more people began to play this online game, so I think the 2Moons dil will more and more expensive, fortunately I already had many, gradually, I found that the 2moons seems that had gone away from us, now the 2moons life already changed, with the time, my friends had left the 2moons, only I am still persist, I can not leave the 2moons, because in order to play this game I gave up many things, in my life I already lost the friends I can not lost the 2moons, because in my mind the 2moons is not only a game, it just like my good friend, it gave me more warm, I do not know if I leave the 2moons, my life will changed, so I decided go on play this game.

Now I still play the game, although in the game I again gad many friends, but still often remember before friends.