I was watching a action movie couple of days ago and in it someone got their head chopped off by a ninja swordman, which got me thinking. I have heard that a human brain can continue processing information for about 11 seconds or so after being beheaded. Does that give a person time to think, time to relize death, to think about loved ones. What if any way you die you have 11 seconds to think. What if in those 11 seconds that is where things are decided. Maybe that is where heaven and hell come from. Having a warm, comforting last thought is heaven for your soul and failing to come up with one like hell. In thoese 11 seconds that you must find a memory to hold on to; one memory to rule them all. If you only get 11 seconds to think of one thought from your life, the one thought that brought you the most joy and happiness, to hold on to would you want it to slow down? Break the seconds into milliseconds, the milliseconds to nanoseconds. I have been thinking a lot about this since the swing of that ninja's blade. If only having 11 seconds is the case than I think people should spend every single second of life creating these memories, so when the time comes for your 11 seconds you will have plenty to choose from, and the only reason you would want to slow things down is because you have to many good ones.