I'm back to the blog after a few weeks off. It's been busy to say the least, with most of my time spent submitting an NIH proposal as part of the stimulus grants program. (More to come on the focus and topic.)

In any case, look for a regular 10 or so posts a week here at Framing Science. My plan over the summer is to highlight much of the exciting new research in the field of science communication that has appeared recently in the journals or that may be coming out. I also have several forthcoming articles that propose a series of innovations in science communication that are likely to be provocative, if not controversial, among the usual crowd of literal minded bloggers. But what else is new? ;-)

With several colleagues, I am also wrapping up a project that identifies and forecasts best practices in digital journalism. So I hope to be regularly blogging about what these trends and best practices might mean for the future of science media and public engagement.