One of the challenges when our team joined Take-Two was the company had had a very volatile set of results.  In the year in which they released a Grand Theft Auto title, they’d make a lot of money, and in years in which they didn’t, they would typically lose a significant amount of money. And that’s not a recipe for a very successful company over the long haul either in terms of risk or reward.  

So one of our significant strategic imperatives was to diversify the product base, so the company built up other franchises to create an enterprise that could be and would be profitable year in, year out.  And obviously with the caveat being that any entertainment business has ups and downs. And you can have a bad year just as you hope to enjoy very good years.  

By encouraging our creative teams to focus on building new franchises and encouraging our market teams to support those new franchises with creative and frankly, expensive campaigns, we were able to deliver a slate of titles that actually allowed us to achieve that goal.